As part of the Department of Finance and Treasury’s vision, fitting in with the Vanuatu Government underlying policy of decentralisation, Financial Services Bureau (FSB) are being set up in 5 different provinces in Vanuatu with the assistance of the Australian Government.

The FSB’s are under the administration control of a Line Agency Accounting Manager situated in Port Vila.

Services provided in the FSB are comparatively limited to;

  • cashier receipting,
  • issuance of government invoices,
  • attending to government payroll queries and
  • advices on government financial services,
  • Process LPOs for payment weekly (Thursday) every week.
  • Pay government officers and suppliers through LPO
  • Provide payment advices and training to line ministries

Work is underway to further improve services in the commitment of LPO’s, Asset registrations and payment of government suppliers via cheques.

The FSB’s Centers around Vanuatu:

  • Line Agency Accounting Manager
  • Port Vila, Efate Voip: 1169
  • Lenakel, Tanna, Voip: 8280
  • Lakatoro, Malekula, Voip: 7447
  • Saratamata,Ambae,Voip:9584
  • Luganville,Santo,Voip:6188
  • Sola, Banks, Voip: