Corporate Service Unit


The Ministry of Finance and Economic Management’s visions  mission and values as follows:


  • To embrace effective collaboration and good partnership
  • To provide prudent financial management for the Government
  • To be recognized as competent in Customs and Tax Administration
  • To lead evidence based decision making for all


The mission of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM) is to maximize government’s contribution, to promote and improve socioeconomic growth and sustainable development for the good of Vanuatu.


The Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM) aims to promote and focus on quality results, prevention, honesty, fairness and integrity, continuous improvements and learning. It values togetherness and inclusiveness as a team for the broader benefit of MFEM and the nation, with understanding at all times of the need to operate within its legal jurisdiction. Finally, MFEM places the utmost importance on being politically neutral providing the best possible service to the government of the day, with effective ICT systems.

The Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM) is pursuing seven (7) objectives, aligned with Vanuatu Government National Sustainable Development Plan.

The 7 objectives are:

1. To manage the MFEM and Government financial resources at the highest standards. This objective is coordinated by the DG’s Office, the Corporate Services Unit and the Performance Review and Audit Unit.

2. To strengthen Government procurement and disposal of Assets. The Central Tender Board is in charge of implementing this policy.

3. To maintain sustainable and fiscal balance while re-prioritizing expenditures, reducing debt and minimizing subsidies paid to SOEs. The Department of Treasury and Finance is responsible to manage and coordinate all activities pursuing this goal.

4. To ensure timely collection of Government revenue. This objective is the main activity of the Department of Customs & Inland Revenue.

5. To protect borders from restricted and prohibited imports and exports. The Customs Border Unit is the agency responsible for this objective.

6. To facilitate legitimate trade and business procedures. The whole Department of Customs & Inland Revenue facilitating this objective.

7. To collect, compile, provide and disseminate statistical data. The Vanuatu National Statistics Office is responsible for fulfilling this objective.


Ministry of Finance and Economic Management Coporate plan 2019 - 2021