Fiscal Strategy Reports

Knowledge Based
What is a Fiscal Report?
  • A fiscal report is also known as a financial report or an annual report. This type of report is written once per annum and it outlines all information and data related to the Government's financial status during the fiscal year in question. All other information falling outside the fiscal period is not included in the given report, as the data skews the information and provides inaccurate figures.
  • Purpose: A fiscal report is written to document the Government's honest financial status at any given time. There are two purposes of the report: one is to document the financial situation for the Government's internal planning, and the other purpose is to attract investors.
  • Content: There are two important sections that go into a fiscal report: one focuses on the operations and the other on the net worth of the Government. The operational section outlines all of the Government's budgets, including operational, production and master budgets. In addition, income statements are often included to document all incoming money to the Government revenue basket. The second section outlines the Government's net worth by outlining all liabilities and assets within the Government.