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The Expenditure Analysis Unit Functions

  • Analyzing performance against expenditure and providing snap shot updates of sectoral expenditure to heads of departments.
  • Undertake major Expenditure Reviews on sectors to assist in better budgeting.
  • Monitor budget expenditure and analyse requests from sectors for transfers/movement of funds and to ensure that they adhere to the PFEM act.
  • Undertake budget appraisals, providing comparison with past budgets and providing advice to Minister of Finance, the Ministerial Budget Committee (MBC) and all Ministries and departments.
  • Adhere to the annual budget cycle and assist the Government to prepare and finalise the National budget.
  • Assist sectors in developing New Policy Proposals (NPP) for the approval of the MBC.
  • Assist PMO in providing policy analysis on new policies and their financial implications to the Government before MBC deliberations and Parliament endorsement.
  • Assist PMO in reviewing Budget Narratives.