Revenue Section

Revenue Section is a section within the Department of Finance and Treasury that oversees the administration of all government revenue and in effect the overall debts that each government department incurs. Revenue section mainly deals with the coordination and monitoring of Government department invoicing, receipting and debt collection.


Coordinate and monitor the issuance of all government department invoices.

  • Issue Invoices
  • Coordinate and monitor the receipting process of all government department revenue.
  • Issue receipts – regarded as the main government cashier.
  • Government revenue daily banking
  • Journal entries
    • Accounting for dishonoured cheques
    • Accounting for island revenue
    • Accounting for asycuda revenue
    • Accounting for revenue via bank transfers
  • Monitoring, control and collection of debt

Central Cashier Opening Hours, 8am - 3pm daily - (Monday - Friday)

Access to Invoicing

  1. Fill in "Application For Access to the Government Financial Management Information System (Smart Stream)" form>
  2. Obtain consent from FMIS and Revenue System

The Government Invoice

Issues and Challenges with invoicing

  • Inappropriate chapter heads
  • Improper details of client
  • late issue of invoices
  • Late Delivery of invoices


Why Invoice

  • Document for providing Goods and Services
  • Provided for by the PFEM Act and Financial Regulations
  • Accural Basis Method
  • Verify Payments

Who Invoice

  • Finance Department Revenue Section in Port Vila and Santo
  • Government Revenue Earnings Departments
    • Quarantine Department
    • Ports and Harbour Deparment
    • Labour Department
    • Fisheries Department
    • Lands Department
    • Civil Aviation
    • Health