Welcome to the Treasury Division Home Page!

Welcome to the home page of Treasury Division.In common with other government divisions throughout the country, Treasury' mission is to serve the people of Vanuatu to the best of its abilities.In doing so, Treasury is striving to realise the Government' vision of an educated, healthy and wealthy Vanuatu.Treasury Structure

Treasury' key responsibilities are the following:

  • Planning and execution of the national budget - to deliver a budget that promotes economic growth and social development whilst being fiscally responsible;
  • Monitoring of fiscal revenue - to measure progress of revenue handles against targets;
  • Monitoring of Government expenditure - to ensure that the use of public funds yields value for money;
  • Providing scrutiny of all tabled policy papers - to support well- policies that are consistent with the Government' objectives and are grounded in evidence;
  • Giving support to line agencies in all aspects of public financial management - to promote responsible use of public funds in order to achieve the objectives that each agency has;
  • Economic data gathering and modelling - to provide an accurate picture of the performance of the economy and derive a robust macroeconomic framework;
  • Upholding the Public Finance and Economic Management (PFEM) Act [Cap 244]. Treasury recognises that meeting these objectives requires a highly skilled and motivated workforce. The Division is committed to the continual professional development of its staff, both through formal training and informally.

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