The admin section is the key area where communication of the department comes in and out. This section is basically the housekeeper of the department

  • Centre of communication for the department
  • It makes sure right information is passed on to the right person both internally and externally
  • It also keeps the offices clean
  • Maintain stationary supplies
  • Act as Human Resource Officer for the Department
  • Does Filing for the Department
  • Responsible for department transportation
  • Organise functions and meetings for the staff

This section is mainly responsible for:

    • Keeping the accounting records and compilation of the whole-of-government financial statements at the end of each financial period in accordance with International Accepted

    Accounting Standards and Best Practices
  • Management and Reconciliation of all Government of Vanuatu Bank accounts
  • Cash flow Management
  • Public Debt servicing
  • Donor Funds/Project Management
  • Management of governments foreign currency payments
  • Tendering accounting and financial advice to Finance Managers and Finance Officers in ministries and other government agencies.