Financial Management Information System (FMIS)


To provide and maintain a reliable Financial Management Information System (FMIS), as required under the Financial Regulations. Administer the GoV’s FMIS to ensure that the systems are operational and available for use. This includes database administration, application development, regular system backups and restore, implementation of service packs and upgrades, installation of clients on clients PCs and other technology related aspects of the systems.

The Role of the FMIS Unit

The FMIS Unit is a section within the Department of Finance that oversees the day-to-day operation, administration and management of SmartStream, VBMS, Vision, and the OLAP Web Reports. The FMIS Unit’s responsibilities include:

  • Day-to-day operation, administration and management of SmartStream, VBMS, Vision and the OLAP Web Reports.
  • Develops specific reports and other customized applications.
  • Administer and manages the system’s corresponding software and hardware components like servers and databases.
  • Manages upgrades to the finance systems.
  • Manages systems security.
  • Training employees on usage of the systems.
  • Providing day-to-day support to users.

Means of Service Delivery The FMIS Section manages and maintains the FMIS systems including SmartStream and all its modules, VBMS, Vision, OLAP web report, including:

  • Setting the strategic direction for how Smart Stream is used and managing further enhancements.
  • Setting up and maintaining Smart Stream users and security
  • Providing training on the use of the system to all government departments.
  • Providing updated financial and budget reports for consolidated and departmental needs and for the use of heads of ministries and departments.
  • Updating and providing daily maintenance of Smart Stream and its modules to ensure data integrity.