Why Invoice

  • Document for providing Goods and Services
  • Provided for by the PFEM Act and Financial Regulations
  • Accural Basis Method
  • Verify Payments

Who Invoice

  • Finance Department Revenue Section in Port Vila and Santo
  • Government Revenue Earnings Departments
    • Quarantine Department
    • Ports and Harbour Deparment
    • Labour Department
    • Fisheries Department
    • Lands Department
    • Civil Aviation
    • Health

Access to Invoicing

  1. Fill in "Application For Access to the Government Financial Management Information System (Smart Stream)" form>
  2. Obtain consent from FMIS and Revenue System

The Government Invoice

Issues and Challenges with invoicing

  • Inappropriate chapter heads
  • Improper details of client
  • late issue of invoices
  • Late Delivery of invoices